Welcome to newHorizons!

DOT( Digital Opportunity Trust ) Youth Leadership Program,Ottawa, Canada 2018

We guess you are here because you want to know a little bit more about us. “newHorizons” is an empowerment program for schoolgirls in rural areas in Azerbaijan. With our initiative, we want to support girls to continue their education and gain English language skills so they can build a future for themselves and the next generation. In order to create a long-term impact on society, we want to use blended learning methodology. Our program will help them in gaining knowledge about self-discovery, leadership and English language through online and offline pieces of training. All the participants of “newHorizons” will get training from professionals in order to create job opportunities to make them financially independent and empowered.

What do we do?

We prepare young generation women to pursue their aspirations and contribute to their society. We strongly believe that we can not all succeed when half of us are held back. At “newHorizons” we are on a mission to help women positively change their lives. We are doing this by helping them discover their true potential through a combination of personal education, self- discovery and leadership.

Our vision :We envision a world where all girls believe in their power.

Our mission: We ignite the power in girls with the skills to thrive and believe in their ability and pursue their dreams.

From one of the newHorizons workshop in Baku, Azerbaijan.

My motivation

new Horizons is an initiative by Nargiz Askerova to address one of the primary cause in today’s world – Girl Empowerment. Growing up in a small village in Baku, Azerbaijan, she realized what an amateur girl has to face in her adolescence. Some were getting married while some had to leave the education and stay at home for household duties and some were not getting support from their families – emotionally or financially.

It was a saddest moment when she saw similar situations happening around her. As she believed – people leave but their memories stay. But this was just one case, how many would have been there in the whole city? How many would be there in the whole country?

How many exists in the whole world? These questions bothered her and she started the journey of newHorizons with a vision to help and empower girls to pursue their dreams.

She knows that this is a very long journey and maybe she can’t help every individual case personally, but every journey starts with a single step. She went to many places like Canada, Kenya and many others to motivate people to join this community and spread the network with a belief that there will be one day when no girl has to suppress her dreams.

Nargiz Askarova -Founder of newHorizons