Learning Without Limitations – Online Workshops During The Pandemic

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Online Workshops

We all know the world is unpredictable, but we never understand how vulnerable it can be until we really go through it. The past couple of months were a tough moment for the world due to the pandemic, but we still believe our faith and motivate ourselves to come up with a solution to keep newHorizons rolling during this difficult time.

Thanks for the technology; we managed to turn some workshops online! Nargiz, our founder, delivered in a total of 7 workshops to the girls between 7th to 9th grades from Azerbaijan! Furthermore, those girls live in rural Azerbaijan and they overcome the difficulties of the Internet and technical issues in order to join the workshops, this online journey let us see the potential to reach more girls via the Internet!

Even though the workshops were online, Nargiz still prepared the topics thoughtfully and the participants could still feel her passion sitting in front of the screen. There were few crucial topics that were introduced in those workshops- mindset, global mindset, SMART goal settings and Dream map.


It was said that we are what we think; this is a powerful statement to tell the importance of mindset. In the article “Why Mindset Matters for Your Success” by Kendra Cherry, the author gives us a clear concept about mindset and we would like to share some facts that we learned from this article with you. First, according to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, there are two kinds of mindset, growth mindset and fixed mindset. The former believes that working hard can change the current situation; the latter thinks what people have is fixed and unchangeable. In other words, they are attitudes of how people react to difficulties. Second, Dweck also suggested that mindset can be changed; this is a huge backup for the workshops of newHorizons and that is why we really focus on nourishing the girls with the right mindset.

Global Mindset

We all know that now is the era of the global village and the connection of people from different countries and cultures is closer than before, so we have to respect everyone’s difference. That is why having a global mindset is not only important for companies, but also for students in order to live peacefully and tackle challenges they might face in the future. Furthermore, educating kids with a global mindset can bring out their best potential to solve global problems. According to an article- How Can We Foster A Global Mindset In Today’s Students by Josephine Lister from HundRed, the author talked about the importance of having a global mindset in education and showcased some real-life projects on how students can use their creativity to contribute to SDGs.

SMART Goal Settings

With the right mindset in hand, the next step is to know how to plan for the future! SMART Goals Settings are also inside the curriculum to provide a handy tool for the participants. In the post- Smart Goal from CFI, it explained clearly about the concept of SMART Goals and SMART represents specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely, respectively. This is a crucial tool to turn dreams into real steps!

Dream Map

Dream maps can also be called a vision board and its function is to visualise dreams in mind. Visualisation of dreams is a good way to reinforce our minds and motivate us to take action since the pictures of dreams are so vivid in front of us. Our participants actually really created their own dream maps and we believe they must have one step further toward their dreams.

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