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What is StarterTallinn? 

STARTERtallinn – business idea development program designed by 8 Estonian universities. The three-month idea development program consists of a kick off event, a number of training sessions and workshops, a networking/mentoring event, mentoring sessions and a demo day.

If you are interested in getting to know more about developing your wonderful idea on how to make the world a better place, forming a team, starting a start-up company,  learning about legal and financial issues, sales and marketing etc, you can very easily participate in the programme.

newHorizons #firstday at StarterTallinn

Our learning journey with StarterTallinn

Nargiz Askarova is sharing her experience about the program 

“I was very delighted to be part of this amazing program. As a newcomer to Estonia I was struggling to build a wide network around me where I can get support, right guidance for developing my social enterprise newHorizons. Through StarterTallinn I met many amazing people, mentors and advisors. Beside this it was also very useful to increase my business knowledge and skills, such as pitching, communicating, leading, working with team, marketing and so on. One beautiful side of this program was it brought together many international students from different universities from Estonia with different backgrounds. Every Monday for me was very exciting to attend the workshops and learn about leadership, value proposition, design thinking, marketing and so on.  ”

Our success story with StarterTallin

More than 30 teams participated in starterTallinn, out of which, newHorizons got selected because of our innovative approach towards girl empowerment. This also gave us an opportunity to reach the preliminary rounds held at ROBOTEX INTERNATIONAL in Estonia. The competition was indeed a tough one and challenging but we ended up at 3rd place due to our inspirational approach.As a wining price we got 6 month free mentorship program from SEB bank which is one of the biggest and well recognized bank of Estonia. Beside this we also got opportunity to attend at the sTARTup Day in Tartu, Estonia.

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